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My name is Henrik Grönvall, and I have been active in the IT industry since 1989, since 2007 I run my own company and enjoy working as a consultant with all that entails. I enjoy learning new technologies, tools and ways to solve problems, and I love being a consultant, helping clients solve their problems and desires. I see technology as a means to achieve success for all stakeholders involved.

During my years as a self-employed person, I have mainly held long assignments with private companies such as Preem Petroleum and ICA, where I have mainly managed, developed and assisted them with services around their intranet and with processes and integrations to surrounding systems.

For a few years now, I have worked less and taken the opportunity to train in modern technology in connection with health problems. Today I am on my way back, and I hope I can get the chance to help you and your customers.

The areas I invest in are partly, frontend development where I have extensive experience of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Web API and React.js with surrounding technologies, but also backend development in Node.js, preferably as cloud services. I also have expert competence within the HCL Domino platform as I have worked with it since 1993.

I look forward to hearing more about you, but also to telling you more about myself and how I can contribute and help.

As a person I'm passioned about topics I love, want to have challenges in my life and always strives to improve my skills as a developer. I think I'm a social person, fast learner with an ability to adapt to changed situations and different people.

My main interest apart from helping customers, is sports. Today I love competing in golf and when I was much younger I was seriously good in Tennis.

Published: 2019-06-06
Author: Henrik Grönvall
Henrik Grönvall
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